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Since my last failed trip to Gurudongmar, I have never ever forgotten to remember Gurudongmar.


I forgot the past journey of my life neither I want to carry any memories with me from my past life. Because life is to move on. However, Gurudongmar lake was always there in my mind and I always wanted to go back to Gurudongmar. Since last six years I never forgot about Gurudongmar lake and it always attracted me and instigated me to rethink of revisiting the place again. I always felt that there is some extraordinary divine force that wanted me to visit the place.


So one fine morning I planned my trip. Now during this last six years as I travelled several places in Himalayas I was quite confident about making my trip all alone. Then it was you, knowing about my plan to go to Gurudongmar Lake all alone you showed your concern and you immediately decided to join me. Well, I must say it was an overwhelming feelings knowing that you wanted to accompany me in my journey. What could be a great feelings in your life when you are blessed to travel to your favourite place with your favourite buddy. So we packed our bag, left the worries behind and catch the flight.


Next day morning when we arrived at Bagdogra I was happy. With my happiness the entire environment was beautiful, sunny and charming. We headed for Gangtok. The road cutting between the Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary was quiet, tranquil and romantic. The vast greenery prevailing all across and the serpentine smooth road was making our journey pleasant and beautiful. It took only three hours time to reach Gangtok. We settled our bag in the hotel room and headed for the main market place mall road. Strolling in the nearby areas, having hot brewed coffee and steamed momo was just adding flavours to the romantic environment.


Next day morning though slightly late we started for North Sikkim. It was indeed a dream come true in my life. I was travelling to Himalayas with my love. Barely we stopped on the road except for lunch break and to have one or two tea breaks. We reached Lachen sometime around 6 PM in the evening. It was not too cold so after having tea break we decided to stroll around the village. I was also carrying photographs of a then 2 years old baby girl whose photo I took during my 2010 visit of Gurudongmar. I started looking for the house where I took the photo. But everything was changed. The village Lachen was no more look like a mountain village. It had grown with many concrete buildings. I felt sad as the beauty of the mountain village was lost. It was covered by concrete jungle. I know development is important but at the same time it shouldn’t be done in lieu of destroying the natural beauty and the natural resources. I kept on searching for the small wooden house, but no wooden house was found. Then we approached a small shop where we saw a very old lady. Expecting she might have seen the baby girl and can give us some clue about their present address. Our reasoning was correct. At first glance old lady could recognise the baby and told us that they have shifted in the higher up in the mountain areas. They come to Lachen during the morning time and then go back to their village when day ends. There was a young lady standing at the corner. She approached us and saw the photographs and she assured us that she knew the baby as she is the aunt of that baby girl. We were happy knowing the same and handed over the photographs to the lady. I told her to give our blessings to the baby. We felt very good about our approach and we came back to our lodge after a while. Post dinner we settled ourselves in our small cozy room.


Next day it was pitch dark when we started for Gurudongmar lake from Lachen. It was 4 AM in the morning. Once we started our journey automatically my mind travelled back to the time six years back. I tried to remember the scene what i had seen that time. I tried to see the mountain ranges what I had seen on 2010. Mountains had not changed neither their position got changed. They were standing high as it was six years back or probably it was since last million years. Path was almost the same but I was carrying a different feelings with me.


While approaching Gurudongmar lake I was so excited I opened the car window extended my hands outside to feel the freshness of the air and you were too worried about me that I might catch cold. You were continuously wrapping me with stole, you were scolding me for put on my gloves and my woolen topi. Ha ha I enjoyed those moments of fun and love and care.


We revolved around the monastery holding hands in hand. It was a divine feelings and I still carry those feelings in my heart as we kissed each other in front of the holy lake. Well, I am blessed with your love.


While coming back I cried and you hold me and wrapped me in your arms. That moment is frozen in my mind. It’s never gonna fade out from my mind. Wearing your down jacket I looked pretty and cute and even passers by could not move their eyes from me. It was the beauty came out straight from your love. I was the reflection of your love and care. I was so glad and felt so blessed that God allowed us to visit the Gurudongmar lake together.


I am in love. Let the journey begins…

  • Rounak Bhowmick says:

    I’ve read both of your stories, the failed one & the successful one at Gurudongmar Lake. I’ve a small query, I’ll be visiting the next month with my wife to Gurudongmar Lake. I’ll be halting one night at Lachen, the next day after seeing Gurudongmar Lake is it possible to return to Gangtok by evening ?

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