Author - Susmita Mukhopadhyay | Category - Miscellaneous | May 20, 2016

A boundary that I can’t cross.

A limit that seems unlimited.

You are so close, yet so far.

I look around for you,

But you were nowhere.


I trade my love and

I am still lying on a cold bed.

Lonely at night I still look at dark skies and

I see stars are looking at me with pity.

Because they know my heart is so empty.


Lying on a cold bed all alone

mountains are watching me knowing that why am I so mourn.


I know I made a mistake.

Forgive me God for my mistake.


I know I am the victim of my own desire.

I can’t even look at myself either


I took a path less travelled and

To know the path of love.

Now I feel the pain of love.


I silently followed your footsteps in the mountain trail.

I reached a valley

and I found no home for me.

I bid adieu and moved on

because a free bird needs to be free again.

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