Author - Susmita Mukhopadhyay | Category - Where’s Susmita | June 26, 2015
Well when I am not traveling in the Himalayan areas, mostly you will find me at Kolkata. Because Kolkata – ‘The City of Joy’ is another place where I find peace and comfort. This city has given me many things to enjoy, it had taken many other things from me to experience the other side of the life too. However, with all my good and bad experiences I love my city. I love my Kolkata. Presently I am in Kolkata.

  • Abhijit Sarkar says:

    Hello Sushmita, Abhijit here. I was planning for my North Sikkim Trip this December. Did an extensive research and read a good amount of blogs and got tangled in the threads of the various travel forums till I came across your write-up ‘a failed trip to Gurudongmar’. I was looking for some insights as reading your blogs I came to understand it’s not only me whom Himalayas gives a high and leaves spellbound. I have plans to visit Cholamu Lake as well however reading few experiences of other travelers I’m not feeling to optimistic to reach there at that time. As I travel solo so a flop trip would hit me pretty hard and waste of hard earned leaves. It would be great if I get few like minded people for this trip certainly it would make the journey enriching and a lot of customization can happen rather than travelling solo means for North Sikkim one has to be in the mercy of tour operators. Would expect few tips from you as you have been an avid Himalayan traveler. Share if you have any travel plans in future to any Himalayan terrain. Have a great time ahead. Cheers!!

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