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Well, I am not a cooking buff. Neither I spend too much of my time on cooking. Cooking is kinda a compulsive errand for me. However, this compulsive regular task made me somewhat a tolerable cook. Hence I can claim that I can prepare some good dishes too.

Today, I would like to share a recipe on cooking simple fish curry. (In Bengali: Macher Jhol)


  1. Roghu Fish Pieces: (In Bengali: Kata Roi Maach): 6 pieces (aprox. 500gm)
  2. White Oil – 1 Full Tablespoon or as you prefer. (I would recommend to use little oil to make the preparation healthy)
  3. Sliced Onion: One or two onions sliced evenly.
  4. Green Chili: 4 green chilies sliced in two pieces.
  5. Tomato: One or two tomatoes chopped finely.
  6. Coriander Leaves: 1 cup coriander leaves chopped finely.
  7. Turmeric Powder: 1 teaspoon.
  8. Salt: As per the taste.
  9. Black Cumin: 1/2 teaspoon.


First of all wash the fish pieces thoroughly to remove all dirt and it’s unwanted in-materials. Once fishes are cleaned, marinate the pieces with pinch of salt, turmeric and little amount of oil. I prefer to keep the marinated pieces aside at least for two hours. Meanwhile, you can keep other stuffs ready and handy. Cut the onion in evenly sliced pieces and chop the tomato into small pieces. So that the tomatoes transform into a juicy form while frying . This will give a good color and taste to the preparation.

Once things are ready, place the frying pan on the induction cook top at ‘Deep Fry’ mode and select the temperature at 180 watt. (This adjustment should be done based on your own induction cook top and temperature and mode selection may vary from brand to brand). Heat the frying pan for 30 seconds and pour oil. Once the oil is heated enough, place the fish pieces in the frying pan and you can reduce the temperature to 160 watt or less or as per the requirements. I would recommend to fry the fishes at low temperature otherwise fish pieces might get burnt. When the colors of the fried fishes turn golden brown, switch off the induction cook top. Take the pieces out from the frying pan.

Now, again place the frying pan on the induction cook top and let the oil be heated at ‘deep fry’ mode at 180 watt for about 30 seconds. After that sprinkle black cumin and two sliced green chilies on the hot oil and stir it for 15/20 seconds. Then fry the sliced onions and chopped tomatoes for 2/3 minutes. Don’t forget to sprinkle salt and turmeric powder. Once the entire stuff looks juicy and you get mouth watering smell of fried onion then pour 2 cups of water into it. Set the induction cook top at ‘Curry Mode’. Select the temperature at 700 – 900 watt. Boil it for 5 minutes then place fish pieces into the gravy cover the frying pan with it’s lid and cook it for another 10/15 minutes or as per your requirements.

By now I am sure you have started getting the smell. Open the lids sprinkle finely chopped coriander leaves.

That’s it, your Maacher Jhol is ready to be served hot .

Enjoy the dish with freshly cooked steamed rice.

Have a nice time with your friends and families over the dining table.

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