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Third day was important as we decided to visit great Himalaya. The trip was planned as, we will reach Kausani by visiting Almorah, Chaukri and we will return via Ranikhet, Kumaon Regiment and the other locations. We will stay back at Kausani for one night to see the sunrise beauty at Himalaya. Undoubtedly the trip was one of the best trip I had ever in my life. The driver Dinesh was too good and very sober. We reached Kausani, by 4 p.m. visiting Almorah, Chaukri and other places. We stayed at hotel Deepraj. It was not that popular and we were given a small room that was at the one corner of the hotel and the complete valley was visible from the room window. We happily accepted the offer without knowing the problem of the room. Anyway we had tea. Tea was good and very refreshing. I was taking rest and Sankho was busy bargaining for room rates, dinner rates etc. etc. Suddenly I looked outside and saw something at the end of the valley. What’s that? It was cloudy and unable to understand that what I saw exactly. I stared outside for long and can’t stop myself to come outside. I went up to the terrace and my camera was all ready. I had never experienced the view before as a result I was unable to understand that what exactly I was seeing. Is it soft white clouds or something peeping behind the clouds? Isn’t it sharp and glossy? Is it a snow peak? What’s that? I started taking snaps randomly and I was sure that it must be a snow peak. Suddenly the hotel boy came up and started shouting, “Are Himalaya dikh raha hain, Himalaya dikh raha hain.” Oh! God. I am standing in front of the great Himalayas. We all were lucky enough. Suddenly the weather becomes so clear that a part of the Himalayas were completely visible. The portion was visible was the famous peak Trishul. We all enjoyed the sunset beauty at Himalaya. The visible Himalayan range turned reddish with afternoon sunlights. We enjoyed this beauty from the Gandhi Ashram.


We came back at hotel and have a good but not so good dinner and then we found that room is too small and the bed was even smaller than that. Thank god we were married. J I set the alarm at 4 a.m. and slept. Sankho was busy discussing on debtor lists with his boss. These guys will never change. I hate thinking about office on vacation. I slept, but Sankho and his boss spent long time over the phone discussing their business. Dark, cold night was not much comfortable as the bed was too small for both of us. We didn’t have sound sleep.

I woke up before 4 a.m. and prepared myself for going outside. I was ready wearing jeans, pullover, gloves and sneakers. Then I went outside silently and obviously there was none. Outside was cold and darker than the darkest night I had ever seen. I looked every corner of the horizon and found endless darkness and silence. I looked at my watch and it was 15 minutes left 4 a.m. Then suddenly I found two bright light spots. Before I understand, two lights vanished. What’s that? Lights were looking like two points, as we used those points in geometry in our math classes. I was spellbound with the beauty and the mystery of the darkness and I became numb. Don’t know how long I was standing there. Suddenly those two points of lights were again visible, this time I realized that points are moving and two absolute straight lines formed with the light rays. It was impossible to understand that how far those lights were but I could realize that a car was climbing up. The car was far, far away from me and the height differences of these two places were huge. It was 4 a.m. then, I was starring at those two light points as it was still visible and points are now larger than before. Suddenly a frightening feeling sweeps through my spine. Something is standing just besides me. I knew I was alone there on the terrace. Then what’s that? I turned around. Oh! My gosh! A black bear! No a black leopard! No a huge black dog. Thank God! At least I can fight. But it was working as a responsible night guard. It was following me and watching every here and there for any suspicious activities. I realized that I am safe here and basically it was guarding its guest. It was 4.15 a.m. then. I experienced every bit of moment of conversion of light. Soft rays of light were emerging from the endless dark horizon. I saw, I experienced the Himalayan beauty of dawn. Yea it was only me who experienced that moment alone. So many other days may be much more beautiful than 9th October’2008. Many other events must be more remarkable than what I had experienced there on that day, but the beauty I experienced on that day is unforgettable for me.

First the whole exposed valley turns to unmatched purplish blue color. May be that is the next shade of dark black color. Then bluish valley turns into lighter blue color revealing all its beauty slowly, slowly. It was extremely beautiful when I saw an unknown power was painting its own imagination with different colors and shades. Very slowly the complete valley was emerging from the darkness with proud Himalaya standing at its border. It turned greenish with a beautiful reddish halo at its back. Now it’s time to wait for that moment which I craved for long. When the first rays of light will touch the Himalayan peak. Its already morning 5.30 and now I am accompanied by my husband and few other visitors. Suddenly we saw the peak of Trishul was glittering and it turned golden. We were yet to see the sunrays but it was the first daylight touched the glorious Trishul. It seemed to me that liquid gold was flowing from the peak.

First daylight at Trishul

As time passes the whole Himalayan range was visible and it turned milky white. Wow what a beauty.

We all gathered on the terrace of the hotel, we cheered up, as it was a great success viewing Himalaya. It seemed to me that all journey turns to a jubilant moment when we saw the whole range of Shivalic Himalaya.

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