Author - Susmita Mukhopadhyay | Category - Myself | June 15, 2006

Hi, Welcome to my blog once again. I have designed my blog for fun. Web designing and doing SEO is simply a game for me. Hope you all will like it. Regarding me I born on 12th August (don’t ask year of birth to a lady, it’s unethical…..ha ha) in a small village named Chakdaha, in Nadia district of West Bengal. Then at the age of 5 I started new journey of my life from Chittaranjan. It was a small hilly town sourrounded by the river Ajay and full of greenhoods. My school life started on 1982 from Chittaranjan Deshbandhu Buniadi Vidyalaya. Still I can remember those days when I used to lost my books and copies in school and my mother used to search them here and there.

On 1987 I went to high school named Chittaranjan Deshabandhu Vidyalaya for girls. I passed out class 12 on 1994. Then I had completed my B.Sc. graduation in Mathematics from Chittaranjan Mahavidyalaya in 1998.

After that I joined MBA programme in Burdwan University in 1999 and I started a new life outside my home town without supervigilence in the university hostel. It was a great experience indeed. I do think one must experience hostel to develop once individuality. I am thankful to all of my freinds who made my university life glorious and memorable. I must mention few name like Sanghomitra Sengupta, Joyjeet Banerjee, Saigat Banerjee. I am also thankful to all of my faculty members who helped me to learn lot. Then after completion of my MBA I joined “Haldia Petrochemicals Ltd” in 2001. First company in my life. I enjoyed a lot during staying in Haldia.

Then in 2004, 12th February I met my husband Sankhojit Chatterjee and we got married on 29th June, 2004. We started a new journey together. After that I joined “Great Media Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Kolkata.” as a “Risk Analyser”

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  • joyjeet says:

    Hi Susmita

    I simply typed my name on google and found u r blog ….nice to see my self here :-) …..this reminds me of those nostalgic moments of life we which spend in our MBA course ….really it was great the time when all of use were together …remember ..the preparation for seminars, theater practise , then time our group use to spend in caneteen ..Me , u , sougata , nirmalya ,chita , sangma ,rudra ….I really miss those days

  • susmita says:

    Hi dear,

    Nice to see you in my blog. I hope you liked it. Me too ….miss those days. It was all glorious time for me. 30th April, 2001 was my last day in university. Don’t know when we will meet again.

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