Author - Susmita Mukhopadhyay | Category - Hobbies | January 11, 2015

With time life changes, so does our interests and likings.

When I was a kid, I never knew that I will build up passions for mountains and trekking. But now it’s being last seven years I have started traveling & exploring new places, especially in the Himalayan areas and in the last three years I am a serious trekker.

With this new interest and passion I am now more spiritual, matured, and gathered extraordinary experiences from every journey set towards Himalaya.

I remember I came back from Himalaya with a new & amazing hobby during my 2008 trip. It was – ‘Bird Watching’ Now I am pursuing another hobby like collecting travel maps.

This post will showcase all the maps that I had collected till date during my travel. Hope you all will enjoy. More I will travel, I will keep adding photos of such maps.

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