Author - Susmita Mukhopadhyay | Category - Miscellaneous, Myself | December 19, 2006

Well I think game is now popular enough. Yea I am talking about Blog-Tag Game. Something very new and something very personal to disclose. I think this awesome game was started by Jeff Pulver and it’s working around the world.

I havn’t yet tagged by anyone but I love to tag the following which help me lot in my learning and for constant upgrading.

…… and here goes my “5 things you didn’t know about Susmita”

  1. Love driving with high speed. Love speed in life. Without speed I am dead. Though it’s not healthy all time.
  2. Love reading story books (Do not get much time now-a-days)
  3. My favorite quote: “If there is will there is way”
  4. Interior Designing: Touch of beauty in day-to-day life makes life more desirable, more beautiful, precious and lovable. Don’t you feel that a light pink color curtain has lot to do in your life?
  5. Short tempered: I really want to improve myself. I don’t know how to control my anger.

…….. And there are many more.

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