Author - Susmita Mukhopadhyay | Category - SEO | December 20, 2006
  1. Try to have good keyword based informative contents in your site. Visitors do take 8 to 10 seconds time to see the site pages unless and until they feel the page is worth visiting. So optimize page with your targeted keywords or the searched keywords visitors can use to reach your site. For Example: If you are having a site, which provides online shopping system for dress materials for men, women and kids. So how you would like to optimize your page. You must have distinct category selection options, where you can have subsections for Men, Women and Kids. These subsections can include deeper sections like Ethnic wear, Casual wear, Formal Wear, Party Wear so that any visitor can choose his/her section very easily. Moreover you can add some product images with small description or with attractive contents to make the page more informative as well as more attractive. These quick informations will definitely invite your visitors for deep crawling.

  2. Content is king and Internet based on information. Write good articles on targeted keywords and publish it on article sites. You will be able to earn good quality and valuable traffic. Internet users do search article directories for knowledge gathering, learning, and research work and for many other reasons. Do some research work on any topic, which is relevant to your online business, and write a good article and publish it in article directories.

  3. Have a blog for your site or for your online business. You may name it as official blog. You can provide informations on latest technical up gradation of your sites or what’s going there in your place or you ca ask your people to contribute to that blog with relevant informations. Update it regularly with fresh content. Promote your site through your blog. For example you have declared a prize winning contests for the member of your sites you can promote this news through your blog. Link to other valued blogs. Start commenting on others blog.

  4. If you are having any news in your pocket then please publish it. Go for press release. Take the advantage of media’s willingness to spread the story. Write a story or some professional to write it for you then publish it in a PR release site like PRWeb.

  5. Participate in forum discussion. Instead of promoting your site aggressively you can be an expert by providing advice. You share those stories, which you came to know about very recently, and which are very helpful for your business field. Just share your views, knowledge and be a good participant in any famous forum. Use your site link as your signature link. Visitors are bound to come.

  6. Link campaigning is not that bad if you can do that strategically. You know better than anyone about your competitors. With whom they are sharing some mutual benefits in search engine market. I mean who are their link partners. Collect some link from them. Enjoy some mutual benefit. But try to get incoming link from relevant and quality sites. Link from bad sites like adult sites, gambling sites will kill you forever. Take help of directory submission.

I think this simple approach is enough for the time being more I will learn more I will share.

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