Author - Susmita Mukhopadhyay | Category - Myself | June 29, 2007

29th June, It’s my day. Why??? I got married on this day just 3 years back. Yes dear today is my 3rd wedding anniversary. Thank you; thank you for your wishes. Like to know how I have passed these three years, what’s our planning today?

Well, these three years were full of events starting from the day one till today. When I look back I feel I walked along a way where I have learnt a lot, experiences the better and the bitter, managed a lot and lastly improved myself. Yes I can say I am a better Susmita now.

I can remember the joy we shared together, tears we shredded for silly reasons. Fight we had for different opinions and lastly we planned for a common goal. Briefly said, these three years walking motivated us to move forward, look forward and many more events to leave behind.

How you would like to see yourself in five years from today? – I have faced this question so many times but nobody asked me that how you see your past days from today? Well I look back and feel deprived as I feel I haven’t yet done anything special in my life. Then again I look back and I feel proud of myself as I have done something which so many people can not do, I have got something which so many people don’t have. So I look forward to do many more things in my future life. Oh… I am bit emotional today, well when I write I am always.

Ok back to solid earth; let me clear you one thing don’t disturb me when I will be having my dinner with my husband today. Don’t give me a call or neither expect a call from me. We haven’t yet planned for our destiny but I can assure that you will not get us in our house till 2 a.m. 30th June.

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