Author - Susmita Mukhopadhyay | Category - SEO | August 5, 2006

MSN is trying to give better result to its users as well as trying to grab search engine market in a better way than before. Let see how MSN is implementing new things and how users are interpreting. Initially MSN was powered by Looksmart and Inktomi but after these two was bought by Yahoo, it was essential for Microsoft to launch their own search product. They launched their own technology preview on 1st July 2004, and then they officially switched from Yahoo on 31st January 2005. Now they have named their baby crawler as the following to generate better result for search engine users:

The MSN Shopping bot is msnbot-products.
The MSN News bot is msnbot-news.
The MSN Image Search bot is msnbot-media.
The MSN Search bot is still just plain msnbot.

What’s all about to gain ranking in MSN. Consider the following:

MSN do love to crawl descriptive title tag with descriptive content. For better crawling avoid session ids, sending bot cookies and avoid using many variables in the url strings. MSN do give much value on back links. MSN reacts quickly than other search engines in ranking new sites in search engine pages due to link bursts. Site age does not affect MSN search results. MSN itself having limited crawling history as a result they are not very efficient to determine the site age related trust scores or site authority. New site having descriptive inbound links can rank well in MSN easily.

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