Author - Susmita Mukhopadhyay | Category - Miscellaneous | February 3, 2009

Today I have achieved a long time desired goal. Today I have completed Linkedin connections 50, that means a lot to me. Probably you guys are thinking why I am saying so. So many other people are also there as a LinkedIn member, so what the special about it.

Let me explain you what is special about it.

One day I heard about the name Linkedin and I heard it helps finding old friends, old colleagues and also help you to build up your professional network. It was what I knew all about Linkedin. Then one day on free lazy moments I started browsing Linkedin. I joined Linkedin with simple most registration process and then started searching my old friends and old colleague. I continued for long but was unable to find any of my friends and I left. But I crawled profiles of few unknown people and which left me with unknown curiosity.

Sooner or later I came back and started crawling Linkedin with more inquisitiveness.

Initially it was bit confusing and I was unable to understand that what exactly I was supposed to do. Only one think driven me madly to fill up my profile details was a green progress bar. More I was completing my profile the green progress bar was getting filled up with more percentage. And then slowly as I continued providing all my school/college information and professional details and got my profile updated till date it started showing me 100% profile completion message. Once I completed my profile details it was time for searching for my friends and ex-colleagues. I imported my email address book; I found few of my old friends whose id was eventually there on my address book were also registered in LinkedIn. You must be thinking that if old friends mail ids were there in your address book, so why did not you try to connect them? YEA, good question indeed. May be I tried but there was no response or might be they had tried and they didn’t receive any response from my side. We all know this reluctance kills every relationship.

Anyway I imported my address book and sent them invitations. Magically all of them accepted my invitations and they replied to my mails on the very next day. I had also found that they are all well placed. Adding them in my network left me with pride.

I felt that why not showcasing my profile through Linkedin. I optimized my profile with more details and at the same time continue growing my networks through my mail contacts.

It was the first attempt how I learnt about Linkedin. But just after few days I started receiving invitations from others, who are willing to add themselves in my network. Oh, it was having a cumulative affect. Do you know how? Linkedin is having a feature called “People you may know”. Suddenly I found a name there. It resembles one of my close relative’s name with whom I lost connections since last two and half years and I had very less ideas about his whereabouts. I checked the complete profile and was confirmed that yes it was he, whom I knew very well. I was happy seeing him there. Now we have ideas that what we are and where we are. My dear it’s not end here.

As time passes I received recommendation from few of my ex-colleagues and also added them in my network. Then one day going back home I met my ex-boss. I thanked him on that day being making me webby and helping me knowing Google, Yahoo from different aspects. Later on he accepted my Linkedin invitations and recommended me with his overwhelming words. Now my profile is worth showcasing.

Till here story was good to share, but now there are more to reveal.

One fine morning when I was checking my mails I found somebody sent me networking invitation. I checked the profile and added, then after I received a mail asking me to give a call to the given number or else to provide my number. As usual no exception I was curious and made the call from a public phone booth. The person on the other side informed me regarding a position, which was available in a reputed company. Though the position was based on Mumbai but I appeared for the impromptu telephonic interview. Booth owner was happy but the customers on the queue were not at all happy. No matter whether I joined there or not but I was impressed with the LinkedIn success of “Over 30 million professionals use LinkedIn to exchange information, ideas and opportunities”.

Guys believe my words I got three other offers only from Linkedin. Don’t you feel this information is worth sharing?

Anyway I invite you all to join my professional network in My LinkedIn Profile

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  • Joyjeet says:

    I think you should have posted this after achiving 500 :-) plus in freind’s list

  • susmita says:

    There will be some other posts celebrating my 500+ friends at Linkedin. Anyway nice to see your comments here.

  • Sreenivas says:

    >> Guys believe my words I got three other offers only from Linkedin. Don’t you feel this information is worth sharing?

    Its worth sharing.

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