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I have started writing this simply to make a list of all those interesting people I’ve met while traveling to the Himalayas. I have found Himalayas is one of the most attractive region, which attracts people from across the globe. Specially, Himalayas attract a different breed of travelers for those it is important to get back to nature is extremely strong. Of-course I am not an exception. Due to this mountain calls I tend to visit the Himalayan region at-least once in a year. During my visit I met various people who were lovely and was kind and friendly. We exchanged happiness, smile and walked together, even for a moment. We shared our energy because our goal was same – to be immersed in the freshness and wildness of the nature. I do believe whomever you meet in your life has some reason to be there in your life. Even if the meeting is for a moment. As I am still searching the meaning of my life and in still search of the purpose of my life I will continue to meet new people. Who knows may be one of them will be able to answer my queries regarding life.

Every-time I traveled to the Himalayas I came back with some change. I always came back with ‘something’. A feeling. A memory. Heart filled with love for some stranger. A beautiful never seen before sunrise. Or maybe with little bit of spirituality. These changes brought by none but the presence of my new friends.

So keep following this post to know about my new friends and about the progress of this personal project.

An Old Man at Chitre – I was lucky to meet this old man at Chitre which is just inside Nepal but come in the Sandakphu & Singalila Trek route. I don’t know the name of this man and I don’t know how old he is. He was quiet and it seemed to me that he was simply immersed in his world. A world which is strangely disconnected from this materialistic world and a world which is lack of greed, anger and all other evil aspects. I was blessed by the God that I got the opportunity to meet this man and I have learned that life is to move on… so journey continues!

An Old man at Chitre

Prajwal Pradhan – I met Prajwal Ji while approaching Pothana. He was taking snaps of plum headed parakeet. As I understood that he is a bird watcher I had to stop and then he helped me to take the photos of the bird. We introduce each other to ourselves and what I came to know about him was amazing.

He did a short course in photography, video  audio visuals from UK in 1985. Since television started in 1986, he was very occupied with video production till 1995. Then from 1998 he got involved in freelance photography as well as advertising and gift and promotions. He is a major supplier of lapel pin to Nepal from China since 18 years. In 1998 he started with mountain and landscape photography and in early 2000 he did some bird images but gave up as it was very costly with slide films and not enough demand locally. But in 2006 with the advancement of newer technology and with new DSLR photographies came and gave a serious thought and invested in such camera and lenses and spending time in this field successfully. He also shoot animals, butterflies, flowers, etc. He like mountain photography too but unfortunately he had to gave up this as he experiences altitude sickness on  two occasions.

Nevertheless it was great meeting him and an extraordinarily nice experience of mine meeting some one in the woods of Himalaya while watching birds.

Bird Watcher - Prajwal Pradhan

Friends from Denmark – Well I forgot to ask their name. We all were so happy being so close to Himalayan glacier and being able to trek a long tough trail we just forgot the formalities. In rest of our journey we were cool friends.

Friends from Denmark

Sujoy Das – My maestro. With whom I started learning about Himalayas and fulfilling my dream of traveling into the Himalayan region.

Me with Sujoy Das

Shyam Tamang – Our head sherpa guide. An awesome personality. Helpful, strong, friendly & obviously lovable. My favorite sherpa friend.

Shyam Tamang - My Sherpa Friend

Ghanasham – During my 2013 Langtang Valley treking I met him while entering Langtang National forest area.


A school master from Thangu – Sikkim – Can’t remember his name. Only thing I can remember his friendliness, hospitality and lovely smile. We met on 2010 and probably we will never meet again but I will remember you my friend. Smile & shine this was your mantra and I have learnt it from you.

Village school master from Thangu, Sikkim

Journey continues…

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