Author - Susmita Mukhopadhyay | Category - Miscellaneous, Myself | June 27, 2007

Its long back I had written in my blog. I am sorry. It is nothing but my negligence. Why this negligence? May be I had no news to share, or I had lack of words or I had no time. Whatever the reason it was, it seems to me mere excuse. I should have spent little bit time with you all. Had you ever came here to find me? Ooo…I am privileged.

Ok, to keep you updated, let me inform you that few events had took places in my life.

Before that with the continuation of the last post, I must inform that my mom, she didn’t come to my house on 25th December 2006 and I didn’t had “garam garam kachori and jallebi” and we didn’t had a journey towards divine. Yea she didn’t come. MOM I missed you lot. Every day and night I missed you. (Only reason I found for not blogging, moment I came to my blog I saw the last post and left my blog unwritten.) I know you were stuck with all the other responsibilities and I was a silent watcher. Even we had very little conversations on those days. Well these are past stories. Because she came to my house on 21st June 2007. Ohh… after a long gap. Yea after ten months. Guys these time I had “garam garam kachori and jallebi”, I had bed tea. Things, which I have always craved for. Oh! Yea… My mom, she is the most sweetest, cutest and beautiful woman in this universe I have ever seen.

I know, I know I am emotional today. Is it wrong?

Well guys I will not take much of your time. I am writing because I am happy.

Regarding all the events, we (me and my husband) shifted to our own comfy and cozy flat. I have little new furniture for my new flat, recently my elder brother and my sister-in-law gifted me a beautiful niece.

Well, now its time to say bye. See you on my next post.

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