Author - Susmita Mukhopadhyay | Category - Google | September 27, 2006

Hey Dear Happy Birthday.

What’s your recent planning? I have hard you have planned for your next updates on coming October. Source

“Google plans to extend the product search capabilities on its main search engine in the fourth quarter, in time for the holiday shopping season. A Google official shared the news with attendees of the Professional eBay Sellers Alliance (PESA) Summit in San Francisco this week, according to people at the conference.”

“When people search for products on, the system will present them with another search box so that they can refine their query, according to Bear Stearns & Co analysts. After people refine their query, Google takes them to a second page populated with product results from the Google Base listings service.”

So it seems to me you are going to provide us Google Base Listings from more refined queries.

And how you have decided to handle Spamming.

Since last few years it seems that you have rolled out your main updates right before the important holiday season, so what’s up this time? Will it be a fruitful for the webmasters? Will it be a real cheer up season with beer or it will be horror story for all if not at least for few.

Hope to see you with a generous mood in your 8th Birthday.

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