Author - Susmita Mukhopadhyay | Category - Miscellaneous | June 20, 2006

For long I was searching for one of my lost friends who had been my best buddy in my primary school. I have applied all posible methods to search her. Since I am conversant with net I started searching her, but all efforts were in vain. I used 'GYM' for my friend search. Oops! don't know what is 'GYM', this is our great search engines Google, Yahoo and MSN. I have searched her by her name and the name of her home town. Even I have searched her in the search engine with her father's name, mother's name and what not. I had given up hope. Then suddenly I came to know about one site. It is wonderful. I started crawling through the site. From 'schools & colleges' page I got registered then searched out my primary school and crawl through the whole page at a go. Eureka ….. Eureka…… she is here. I found my long lost sweet little friend. I got her mail id and send her mail and got the reply. Once again she is with me, though far away from me. After 20 years we are on a common line.

Hats of to

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