Author - Susmita Mukhopadhyay | Category - Miscellaneous | January 2, 2014

Through various experiences in my life, I have learned many things and these experiences eventually made me more mature. Since long I tried to read my feelings and tried to give them a concrete shape. I started noting down all my feelings and once done I am astonished to see that these lines are extremely motivating and heartwarming.

These Inspiring words help me to keep moving and look forward to motivate others in their life as well and obviously, these are the best advises from me to my younger self.

  1. My life is just beginning.
  2. Listen to your heart and follow your dream.
  3. Appreciate life’s small pleasures.
  4. Say – ‘I Love You’ whenever you feel like saying it to somebody.
  5. Accept God’s Gifts.
  6. Be more spiritual.
  7. Forgive & Forget.
  8. Ignore the Ignorant.
  9. Embrace Yourself.
  10. Embrace Life & Enjoy Every Moments of it.
  11. Your days are counted, so make proper use of it.
  12. Give Love.
  13. Be Honest.
  14. Exchange smiles with everyone who crosses your path.
  15. Pray to God for forgiving them who were wrong and had done injustice to you.
  16. Help someone, everyone whoever needed your help.
  17. Help them too, who once denied to help you.
  18. Embrace Nature.
  19. More Himalayan Trekking.
  20. Building Trekking Network of your own.
  21. More Photography.
  22. Never Settle.
  23. Travel Travel.
  24. More Bird Watching.
  25. Exercise More.
  26. Read More Novels.
  27. Money Can’t Buy Everything.
  28. Share Knowledge, it will grow.
  29. Try to be a little mad, you will enjoy your freedom.
  30. More Organized in Your Professional Life.
  31. Successful, Inspiring Team Building in my new company.
  32. Learning new things.
  33. Remember – Every Experience is worth experiencing.
  34. Less Unnecessary Shopping.

If you have similar feelings to share, then feel free to comment.

  • Praveen Anand says:

    Each and every point mentioned here is being felt by everyone on this earth, sometime or the other.

    I was into a different world, while reading each point one-by-one, relating my life’s history and incidents when I have felt same.

    The only time you feel it, is when you give time to yourself. I believe, one should spend sometime thinking and analyzing oneself. Through this exercise, you are honest to yourself. You realise what mistakes u have committed and how u can make sure not to repeat it again in future.

    Next time if u face similar situation, u will surely have a different feeling at all. Being honest to oneself is the best gift one can give to oneself. It gives u satisfaction and pleasure.

    I have my own tagline, which says: Live, Laugh and Love.


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