Author - Susmita Mukhopadhyay | Category - Memorable Events | June 16, 2006

It was 21st February 2005. It was morning 9.45 a.m. my husband and me started our journey for our offices. We were in his favorite bike. It was a bright sunny day and we started our morning enthusiastically. Around 10 a.m. when we were crossing "Majher Hut" bridge, suddenly a cyclist crossed the road from right to left. Needless to say that person was on the wrong side of the road. To save the man immediate person driving his car pressed the brake hard and one after another same process was done by all the persons whoever in bike or in car. We were the third one. After braking we somehow managed to save us from big accident but….. and there is always a but prevails in our life. Next to us there was a state bus were coming with high speed and hit the bike terribly with terrible sound. Before I could understand anything, I flew away and fell in ground and couldn’t stand up anymore and saw my husband is falling down in the ground from the top of the front taxi. Friends: here is not the end of the story. Yaar I couldn’t stand up. I took help from the moving publics and found my right leg is shivering and unstable. Immediately I was taken to the “Calcutta medical research institute & Hospital” by the on-duty officer and broken knee was detected there. Then I was sent to another popular nursing home and admitted for operation. It was 23rd February my right leg was operated and steel rod has been replaced. I continued my bed rest for two months and still having problems.

Guys I used to dance well, I was a good sportsman too but now neither I can run nor I can dance. Only I can memorize my past days. One thing I must mention here that, that cyclist went unaware of everything He left the place as he was passing by according to his own traffic rules.

My question is why I am suffering for a person who is responsible for this event. Why there is no such traffic rule in Calcutta for cyclist or for travelers. Why they are allowed to break the signal at anytime anywhere. Why they are not liable to maintain the road ethics. Why all responsibilities go to car drivers not to travelers? Can we expect little bit of responsibilities from all the citizens?????

Your sense of responsibilities can save number of lives.

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