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This year too, Sankho and I gave in to the call of the mighty Himalayas when we planned our autumn visit. This time we decided to reach an even higher altitude than the last year. So we decided to visit, Vijaypur and Munsyari. Our tour plan was to visit Munsyari via Vijaypur. The main reason for visiting Munsyari was to see the majestic Panchchulli peaks and to do a few treks in the surrounding hills.

For our tour we contacted Wayfarer Adventures and informed them about our tour plan. Mr. Vivek from Wayfarer Adventures made arrangements for our pick up & drop facilities from Kathgodam and to Kathgodam respectively and also arranged for transportation for all days touring.

Our tour plan was from 24th Sep’09 to 2nd Oct’09. However due to unavoidable circumstances we decided to start on 25th Sep’09 and asked Mr. Vivek whether he could provide us the pickup facilities from Delhi Airport.

He did that and we reached Kathgodam on the night of 25th Sep’09. We stayed at ‘Relax Inn’ which was a nice place to spend the night. We had a good dinner and good night’s sleep over there.

Next day morning we had a light breakfast and soon after we left for Vijaypur (210 kms, 6 hrs). We were given a fantastic Toyota Innova, which was driven by Mr. Bablu (Later Bablu Bhai became our close friend).

On the way, we crossed our favourite place Bhimtal, our favourite “Van Vilas” resort and the calm and quiet Bhimtal Lake. Sankho really loves this place. His eyes were sparkling after seeing again the beautiful landscape, which we had experienced last time and it seemed to me that he was trying to soak the whole thing again in those 10 minutes of time. His face was all lit up seeing the Bhimtal lake yet another time.

To reach Vijaypur our route took us through Bhowali, Almorah, Binsar and Bageshwar. As we were proceeding we started having simple chitchat with Mr. Bablu and soon after he became Bablu Bhai. We felt flattered when we came to know that Mr. Vivek would also accompany us in our tour and that the Toyota, which was given to us for touring, is actually owned by him along with the Wayfarer Resort. We were supposed to pick him up from the Garam Pani Market area. Almost after one hour we reached Garam Pani and met Vivek.

WOW! He was such a handsome guy. He looked extremely smart in a blue denim, white tee and a stylish Ray Ban. After the cheerful and pleasant introduction we had tea and started our journey further. On the way we crossed Almorah. We had visited Almorah last time and so Sankho and I were pretty much aware of the roads. We enjoyed the fact that we had not forgotten even a single thing that we had experienced on the last visit. We continued our journey till Binsar and had a small break there for having lunch.

Binsar – A famous place for its BIRDS and its forest. Overwhelming green beauty of Mother Earth is incomparable here. I personally believe that each one of us should contribute some time to save and protect our green world.

Quoting from Wikipedia – “Binsar is a beautiful, quiet and wild Himalayan destination with rich natural surroundings among dense forest. Binsar is perched on top of the Jhandi Dhar hills. This place is situated 33 km north of the Almora town in the Uttarakhand state of India.

From Binsar one can see the 300 km panoramic view of the Himalayan peaks like Kedarnath Peak, Shivling, Trisul and majestic Nanda Devi from a place called ‘Zero Point’.”

At Binsar apart from the natural beauty, I was most enthralled by the stunning silence of the place. When we were crossing the place we hardly came across any other sounds besides the birds’ tweet, rustling of dry and fallen leaves and whistling of air passing through the Oaks and pines. Most amazingly, I was able to distinguish all the sounds at a time. Here we spotted the Whistling Thrush and the Himalayan Woodpecker. I would prefer to visit this place again and again just because of its wild jungle beauty.

After Binsar next was Bageshwar. Bageshwar is situated at the confluence of Sarayu and Gomti. The holy township of Bageshwar is also famous for many old temples. Bageshwar has an average elevation of 1,004 meters (3,294 feet). Nobody can ever argue with me regarding the beauty of this place. Bageshwar is situated between many peaks and has nice plain areas nestled amidst these peaks. This green valley reminded me about all those fairy tales which talked about the beauty of heaven. We spent a few hours at Bageshwar before heading for Vijaypur.

Vijaypur is not very well known among tourists and that was the best part of our tour. Every time, before our trip I search and collect information from the Internet on all places to be visited. Rarely did I come across any detailed information regarding Vijaypur. Even Wikipedia does not provide any information on the place. It was a stopover place for us. We needed to spend a night somewhere before we reached Munsyari. From Kathgodam to Munsyari is a long journey and it was strongly advised to take a break at some point.

Wayfarer made all arrangements for our break and stay-back at night. We reached Vijaypur around 3 pm and realized how lucky we were to get connected with the Wayfarer Guys.

Let me tell you that Vijaypur is an extremely beautiful place. Its virgin, untouched beauty is truly seductive for nature lovers. I can bet that you will fall in love with this place. Vijaypur is greener than the green, nicer then the nicest.

Visiting Vijaypur was all the more better because of the Wayfarer resort. Wayfarer has nice eco friendly huts at Vijaypur. The Huts are ‘hot’, sexy and very comfortable. The whole Wayfarer resort area is situated between green pine forests all alive with flowers, birds and smells of raw earth. Adding to it, Vijaypur also provides fantastic panoramic views of the Himalayas. Unfortunately 26th September’2009 was a cloudy day and we were unable to get a decent view of the Himalayas from the place. We spent a very leisurely time at Vijaypur. Night was sexy with a glowing moon and cold breeze.

Next day morning we woke up around 7 am and looked outside through the window and were left speechless with the beauty of the endless forest. This lush and peaceful corner in on earth is worth visiting. I enjoyed the morning session by exploring the forest, taking photographs of the sun’s rays penetrating through pines. I was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the Himalayas from Vijaypur before we left for Munsyari.

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  • Vivek Pandey says:

    Hello Sushmita
    Thanks for the blog for Vijaypur. We have changed the name of Vijaypur to Chestnut Grove Himalayan Lodge. The blog for the same is

    Regards to you and Shankhojit

  • tatoeage ontwerp says:

    I wanna say thanks for posting this great information. Keep up this great job. I’ll subscribe to your weblog also. thanks!

  • Neelam Dhami says:

    Hi everyone!
    Vijaypur is my native place. Its a wonderful place to visit and spend some time there.i really miss those days when i used to visit there for my summer vacations.its been a long time not been there but after reading this blog i feeling so refreshed and missing it too…

  • Hi Susmita ! Its a wonderful job you have done of describing the odds and evens of sojourn of Uttaranchal. Your skill of mentioning every minute memorable incident is really appreciable. Mention of Vijaypur which is not much popular among tourists is a great break for those who like to visit such odd places.

  • Aditya pareek says:

    hi sushmita

    I know Vivek for the last 10 years.
    Great guy to know!!
    Vijiapur I halted for a few hours while going to chakori munsiyari.
    What a place!!

    Gr8 work by you.

  • Anubhav Raikar says:

    any idea about: Mundoli .. you have been there? does it offer great views?

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