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After the overwhelming experiences at Vijaypur our next day trip was planned for Munsiyari. We had our breakfast and started around 8:30 am for Munsiyari. I was bit upset for leaving Vijaypur; we missed the excellent view of royal Himalayas behind clouds.

We left Vijaypur with more expectations for Munsiyari. From Vijaypur to Munsiyari its a 6-7 hrs journey and Munsiyari is at higher altitude than Vijaypur and situated at greater Himalayan range. Within minutes we started feeling the chilly bits of cold. On our way we saw the magical Birthi falls. Most amazing and beautiful experience was that Vivek showed us Birthi fall from much lower region or from lower altitude and it was then looks like a white thread and as we move up and crossed one mountain after another every time Birthi fall came across with a different looks and beauty. When we reached Birthi fall we were speechless after seen that giant fall. At least I had never seen any fall like that before. Today I feel myself lucky, that I had seen that nature’s beauty.

The day was cloudy and gloomy, and we continued moving up. In the greater Himalayan range you will see a different topography with different environment. It was more stony and with fewer jungles. As we moved up we came to see the very popular Khalia Top. I wish I could trek till to reach the Khalia peak. On our way towards Munsiyari we got glimpses of majestic Panchachuli behind the clouds. That was obviously increasing the desire to see the Panchachuli. We visited Uttaranchal, only to see Panchachuli, now it’s just in front of us and we cannot see it because of clouds. That was a damn frustrating feeling. With continuous spiral movement ultimately we reached Munsiyari around 2:30 pm. The beauty of Munsiyari was beyond my expectations. It was beautiful. We stayed at wayfarer resort Munsiyari and the best view of Munsiyari can only be seen from Wayfarer Resort. It was perpendicularly in front of me and probably at a distance of 16-18 miles but at afternoon the complete Himalayan range was hidden behind clouds, and we couldn’t see anything neither we could imagine anything. I was real disappointed. I waited one year to see Himalaya and then I couldn’t see anything. I had nothing to do but to say almighty, or to the majestic Himalaya, that I love you, and please let me see you at least once. Don’t let me leave with empty heart. I was silent, as I had nothing to do but to depend on my fate. I was sadder, knowing that we need to cut our tour plan, because of Sankho’s office work and he had got a call back. That means we were not going to stay Munsiyari on next day, but to leave Munsiyari on the next day morning. I was absolutely muted. Till now I can feel the pain which I was hiding on that time.

Anyway we had our lunch and walked for famous, blessed Nanda Devi temple. Since long I had this desire to visit Nanda Devi temple at Munsiyari and we reached there. It is placed at world’s one end. After praying to the goddess we looked towards the horizon and started looking for Himalaya. Nothing was visible. I sat down on the green meadow hopelessly. It was almost dark and we couldn’t see anything. To spend time we took snaps, and we were about to leave and then suddenly I saw a portion of a snowy peak. It just came out behind the clouds but then again disappeared. This thing continued for long. We came back at our resort and by the time Panchachuli 2nd peak were almost visible to us. I was praying to see more. It seemed to me Himalaya was playing hide and seek game with me. We got glimpses of golden Panchachuli, Raj Rambha, Nagling and Nanda Devi. This continued till the dark prevails all around.

That night it was raining and local people said it will clear up the clouds. Next day I woke up around 3 am and saw through the window and it was unbelievable. Even within the early morning darkness the complete range of Himalaya was visible. I sat on the bed and wait till morning lights came out. Around 5 am all snowcapped Panchachuli peaks were visible and the whole look was extremely beautiful. After that we experienced the sun rise view just behind the Panchachuli peak.

For me that one day morning at Munsiyari is truly uncomparable. Sitting on a chair with a cup of hot coffee and bathing in soft golden sunlight with many colorful birds chirping around and facing Himalaya in front cannot have any comparison. Look forward to visit the place again.

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  • Great write-up. Feeling tempted to head there soon :)

  • sanjay says:

    Worth appriciating – Nice written – Feel Like visiting some time – I have never gone Beyond Almora .

  • susmita says:

    Yes Munsiyari is really beautiful place for visiting. But giving time to Munsiyari is more important.

  • Soumok says:

    Hi Susmita….Wonderful description of the place….Actuall y we are planning to go to Munsiyari in Aug end holidays…Will it be the good time to visit? What route you took to go there? Is it through Nainital and Binsar?
    Thanks and Regards,

  • susmita says:

    Hi Soumok,

    August should be a good time if it is not a rainy time. Munsiyari is a awesome place which is worth visiting specially early morning you will love the view of Panchachuli. The place is also blessed with different colorful birds. So don’t miss it.
    You can follow the route Nainital, Binsar.
    Wish you all the best.

    Thanks – Susmita

  • uday ratnaparkhi says:

    my self and my wife r senior citzen and already planed to visite kumaon region in the month of march.v will be visiting munsiyari on 8 and 9 march.some people has already sugested to drop munsiyri because of bitter cold
    and probable snow fall.please guide us regarding climate of munsiyari in march.frankly tell us shall v drop munsiyari or the artical u have writeen is fantastic and will love to visite munsiyari.
    uday ratnaparkhi

  • Amit Karak says:

    Great writing. We are planning a family trip there in November ’12. Have folowing queries

    1) Are you in apposition to give any comparison between Chakori and Munsiyari? I’m in two mind here as to how many days we spend between these two places.

    2) Understand you stayed at Wayfarer lodge. Reading in internet this looks like it is suitable for people like staying in tent house or something like that. Can you elaborate little on their facilities? I’ll be accompanied by my wife and twin daughters of 12 years age. So we need big room with attached bath and hot water facility. Also looking for neat and clean place.

    3) From net I can make out there another two places at Munsiyari – Zara Resort nd Bilju Inn. Do you have any feedback as to their location or did you explore any of these two places?

    4) Does vodafone or Tata Docomo or Airtel mobile works there?


  • susmita says:

    Hi Amit,

    1) Chakori and Munsiyari, both are beautiful places; hence spending 2 days for both the places will not be a bad idea. However I would like to say that any place close to Himalaya is beautiful for me. So I do not see much difference in the places. I look for natural beauties and try to grab the essence of the mother earth. Hence you should take your decision based on your research and findings.

    2) We stayed at Wayfarer lodge and I am in love with it. As I have said when I travel to Himalaya, I do not think about facilities. I keep myself happy with bare minimum amenities. Hence I cannot say whether Wayfarer lodge will be suitable for you or not. But I must say that I was extremely happy and satisfied with their hospitality. Given the opportunity to visit Munsiyari, I will again prefer to stay at Wayfarer lodge.

    3) I never explored Zara Resort and Bilju Inn.

    4) When I went to Munsiyari I availed no mobile network but situation may changed now.

    Hope this information will help you. Please let me know if you require any further details.

    Yes do not forget to visit Nandadevi temple at Munsiyari.

    Wish you all the best.

    Thanks & regards

  • Deepak says:

    Hello Susmita Very well written. I have been myself to Munsiyari in January 2012 for few days.! i would like to know the cost of your entire stay in munsiyari.

  • Vivek says:

    Hi Deepak
    those days we were charging 2800/ on APAI per couple per day.And offcourse there was a discount ….

  • Amit says:

    Beautiful piece… I am thinking of going to Munsiyari this December (1st week) – mainly in my search for the elusive White Himalayan Sheepdog – any idea of what it is like in winter?

  • ARUNAVA UKIL says:

    Hi Didi,
    We are planning to visit Munshiyari first week of November.

  • subrata banerjee says:

    Dear Madam,
    From Kolkata, we (myself /64 years and my wife / 58, both are free from any chronic disease) are willing to Munshiari for two weeks at the 3rd week of December, 2017. Please guide us by suggesting a trip plan, naming the places of visit including night stay spots. Thanks.
    subrata banerjee

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